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As more and more labs are closing their operations we are getting more and more requests from professional photographers to provide their lab services.  We have started to put together a price list that will be a bit more specific to the professional or hobby photographer.  Click the following for the "Professional Photographers Price List" currently being utilized.  Please note that we do not provide enlargements from "nude" images even when shot as an expression of art.


This page is being established for the professional photographer.  We are primarily working with large format aerial film.  We specialize in long roll film developing of C-41, Infrared Negative, B&W films as well as custom enlargements from all format sizes from the disk format to 10"x10" format negatives.  We can provide enlargements in color or B&W up to 50" x 150 FEET in a single section.  For a list of our prices for these services from your negatives please see our price list.


If you are looking for film in various formats let us know and we will point you to the correct direction.  Kodak along with the few other film manufacturers has dropped a LOT of the 70mm films.  Most of the 70mm perforated films are no longer available.  Please contact us at 70mm@AerialPhotoLab.com with the amount of film you desire and we help try to find what you are needing.  We also have been considering keeping a case or two of the 70mm Color Negative and B&W Negative films in stock in our Frozen Film Storage.  We also still have a few rolls of Agfa N400 Color Negative film that is also perforated. 


As a side note, we hope to be able to set up a machine to continue to provide 70mm perforated film in our lab.  Also for info about how to continue to utilize a camera like a K-24 to utilize a purchasable 5" film see our museum page.  We have a set up for custom made film spools.


Please note we do not monitor images or websites for the professional photographers below unless the images are held with in our website. 


A few professional photographers we work with are:


David Romano

Much of his work is with B&W Infrared images.  He like many others were left film less when the minimum orders of the Kodak 70mm x 150' rolls of B&W Infrared film went from single rolls to a minimum order of 18 or 24 rolls.  He has ordered the entire minimum order and now providing this film not only as 120 format but now you can also order an entire roll of film from him.  See his website (link above) for more details.


Vintage Film by Dan Carson

The need for various formats of B&W and Color films in sizes that are no longer available from film manufactures has been a problem for many in both aerial and professional photography.  Dan has been working on a system to cut film to various widths for older cameras such as 5.25", 5.5", 7.5" and so on.  He can be reached at VINTCAMSNFILM@aol.com


Heritage Building Recording & Conservation - Peter B. Trieb

Mr. Trieb also does terrestrial mapping utilizing a wild terrestrial camera.


Horrell Photography

Emma Lou Horrell, M.Photog.Cr. 720 North St. Jackson, MS 39202 601-969-1919 Elhorrell@comcast.net


Justis Photographic & Video

Does hand held aerial photographic work and is based here in Daytona Beach, FL.


Karl Hedberg Aerial Photographer



Outside The Frame Photography

Photography from a view “outside the frame” of traditional studio portraiture.


Popcorn Studios

This site is still developing.  In the future there will be links to many different orchid flowers that photographs can be purchased from as small as 5" x 5" to as large as 50" x 50".


Scott's Shots - Scott Johnson

A long rime resident of the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia area now resides in Florida and has diverse images that you can review and order.  To start your journey click the link above.


For more information about Professional and Aerial Infrared Films CLICK HERE or see our Processing Page.