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Mounting Photographic Enlargements & Prints


Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. now also has the tools to mount and laminate your photographs and other prints. 


Our lab has installed two units to provide mounting.  One is a VacuSeal 5298H Vacuum Dry Mount Press for boards up to 4 feet x 8 feet and 1 inch thick.  We generally stock black GatorBoard in the thicknesses of 3/16th, 1/2, 3/4th.  For other thicknesses, colors or mounting surfaces you will need to let us know in advance so we can have the items here when the work arrives.


With this vacuum dry mount press we will also be offering CANVAS mount which is a very tedious process that the photograph is made and then mounted and laminated to a board.  After the mounting is completed then the laminate and the photographic emulsion only is removed and the entire paper is left mounted to the board.  The canvas is cut to size and the photograph emulsion only is mounted to the canvas with a second layer of laminate to keep the final canvas photograph protected and this can be placed in a stretcher frame, mounted to a board or left able to be rolled up.  The end results are incredible.  One other step that can be taken which we will also be entertaining is to utilize a brush stroke option which even further protects your photograph and makes it look even more like a painting.


The other is a cold mount press which allows mounting to materials slightly wider then the 48" limit of the dry mount press.  We have the ability to print on nearly all surfaces up to a 52" wide material.  There are various plastics, wood products, and foam products that are typically used for mounting.  Our preferred material is GatorBoard also referred to as Gator Board, Gator Foam, Ultra Board and a few others.  This material is ridged on both sides with a foam center which gives far more stability over the standard foam core.   Our pricing will follow so please call for a quote.



Our Liability:

Due to the nature of mounting and the potential of damage to photographs & drawings we prefer to mount only items that have been printed at our lab.  In the event that we agree to mount an item that was not produced in our lab we agree that we will handle it with the utmost care but in the event the item(s) are damaged we can not be responsible for the damaged item.  If it is an item that we have produced at our lab and mounting or lamentation is requested with the order if the item is damaged in mounting we will reprint the item at our cost because it is part of the project.


Depending on the size and item that is requested to be mounted we may refer you to another local lab that may have equipment better suited for your needs.  We also will not ship large photographs or prints that have been mounted due to potential damage from shipper.  If you are not in our local area you may wish to have us produce the enlargements and have them mounted locally.  For others laminating photographs we made we can also not be responsible for the damage that may be incurred at their lab.


Thank you,

APL, Inc.