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We now have four scanners in our office area.   these include three Werhli RM5 scanners and one Werhli RM6 scanners.  All of them have the upgrades and abilities to scan in automatic frame advance mode and at resolutions up to 8um or 3170ppi (pixels per inch) and though our normal scanning it done at 8bit we can scan to 14bit data color range.


Enlargement / Printing:

If enlargements are needed it requires an enlarger that will handle a negative that is 10"x10". These are comparatively large format enlargers and it is not unusual to make an enlargement that is up to a 20 or 25X from the original negative. That means if it is 2" on the negative, it will be 40 or 50 inches on the final product!  With our Epson SureColor P20000 we have the ability to provide you with photographic enlargements from a digital file.  These enlargements can be 64" wide by nearly any length.