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At Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. we have become known for making the impossible deadline happen.  When quick response is needed, call us first and allow us to serve your needs.  We have arrangements with several flight companies around the US in order to maintaining that hard earned reputation if you are not able to fly the project in-house.  Over the history of APL, Inc. we have obtained coverage of hurricane devastation, tornadoes, train wrecks, floods, and many other natural and unnatural occurrences. 


Below are a few examples of things we have obtained coverage of:



This shot was taken shortly after the 1998 tornadoes hit Winter Park, then Sanford and Daytona Beach, FL.


Hurricane Andrew at Cutler Ridge

taken 8-27-1992


Other hurricane coverage includes:

1985 Panama City, FL taken November 24

1995 Pensacola, FL taken December 21



2003 Train Derailment in GA


We have also provided coverage and photo lab products for train wrecks that were located in:


1997 Jackson County, FL taken June 4

2000 Lake City, SC taken August 21

2002 Palatka, FL taken April 19

2002 Coosawhatchie, SC taken May 14