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Types of Aerial Photography


There are a few types of images that are available.  The two main types are "OBLIQUE" and "VERTICAL".  Some are taken by handheld cameras (normally up to 4"x5" format) and some are used in the aerial mapping industry.  The cameras used in the aerial mapping industries are normally 9"x9" format and are mounted in the belly of the aircraft over a bomb hole which is normally 18 inches in diameter or larger.  The most common film types are B&W, B&W Infrared, Color and Color Infrared.  See below for sample images.  In order to remove the effects of turbulence, the cameras are mounted on a gyro mount.   Below is a typical camera:



This is an OBLIQUE images.  The view is across the subject on an angle.



This is a VERTICAL images.  The view is straight down at the subject.



The 4 main types of film used are B&W, B&W Infrared, Color & Color Infrared.

B&W Image B&W Infrared Image
Color Image Color Infrared Image