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Film Edit:

Our staff has the knowledge and experience of working in the aerial mapping field as well as the aerial photography field so you can forward your maps with your film for processing. If you would like us to give your film a quick check before it is returned we can accommodate. We know how valuable a clear day is to this business and how getting some input within an hour of the film getting processed could be, the difference of getting a job that day or weeks later. The charge for this service is billed at $60.00 per hour with a minimum of $20.00.

You can have the same option many of our local customers utilize and drop the film off and receive a call when it is ready for pick up. In many cases with as little as 30 minutes notice we can have your film returned to you in the time it takes to stop at a local dining place and eat your lunch, or breakfast.

We are happy to accommodate in any way we can.

M. Kevin Johnson