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The process of creating a mosaic has greatly improved over the years.  The traditional method involves using a razor blade to score the contact print along a common line.  The next step is to tear the photo paper back from the side that was cut.  The next step is to sand the edges smooth, fasten it together and then make a photographic negative.  From the negative your enlargements are made.  


Then the next generation took us into the digital realm.  The industry began to use digital images to create the mosaic.  We scan the negatives or diapositives at a high enough resolution to create a 300 DPI file at the output scale.  The enlargements then can be produced on our Chromira 50 digital photographic enlarger to provide you a true photographic product when completed.  With this option our Fire 1000 film recorder is no longer utilized.


There is an optional Geo-Referencing to our mosaic products which we no longer do in house because we no longer have any ownership to any mapping company.  With a few modifications you can "Geo-Reference" the mosaic file.  This product differs from a Digital Ortho Photo.  A Geo-Referenced mosaic is a mosaic that is created of an overall image enabling you to view an entire county, town or project area.  However, this file and following enlargements can not be used as a Digital Ortho Photo for mapping purposes.   The "Geo-Reference Mosaic" is only used for the purpose of scaling the enlargements by way of the world file created from the known coordinate points used.   A Digital Ortho Photo is created from mapping and the work is required to be signed by a PLS along with a survey report from the PLS.