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We feel a need to take a few moments and officially apologize for referring many of you to what we felt was a reputable company in the past.  We had sent many people to Texas Aerial Surveys in order to obtain some items from them and we have no idea if you ever got the parts paid for or not.  Unfortunately our lab also had opted to purchase everything that remained in June of 2006.  The set price was for the items and delivery to our lab.  We had conversation after conversation trying to get the items after full payment was made on July 10, 2006.  To this date March 6, 2009 nearly 3 years later we have not seen a single item and have had little response as to either the equipment or refunding of the money.  The last info we had was at the very least they would refund us the money which was on 5-19-08 at 10am.  Since then we have not seen even $1.  We hope that no one else that we referred to them has gotten caught into this same problem.

Again we are sorry for any people that we sent to them to obtain any parts or equipment.

Kevin Johnson, Vice President


70mm Color & B&W IR films:


With the minimum order of 70mm IR film being changed from one roll to 18 rolls for B&W (2424) or 30 rolls for Color (1443) it has been placed out of reach for many.  We have had several people contact us looking for 70mm Infrared B&W and Color films.  We have had a few people that have asked up to place the orders and divide the film up.  We have spoke with David Romano and he will be taking on the B&W IR films to make them available to more people.  If we have a person interested in taking on the Color Infrared films we will let you know on this site as well.


David Romano is making the B&W Infrared available by his website www.davidromano.com which can be bought as either 70mm x 150 foot rolls or in 120 format.  .  Mr. Romano is planning to make a purchase that your order may be able to be combined with.


COLEX Processor Parts:

We have many Colex processor parts that are available.  The processor has no racks but we have heaters, pumps, pipe and frame pieces as well as tanks.  We have many good and usable parts that were for a 26" wide R-3 machine.  There are many parts interchangeable to all Colex processors.  We also have several boxes of chemistry.

Contact: Colex@AerialPhotoLab.com