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Seventh-day Adventist Churches

that Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. financially helped in building

(not including the churches we attend in the USA)


The following are churches that APL, Inc. has helped provide (or provided) the construction costs for:


Chuquibamba, Peru


This particular church had to be built in a more traditional building program and thus we were only a partial sponsor of this building project. 


The Church & Building

The People (What MAKES the Church)

Located at 15 50' 22.57"S and 72 39' 13.6"W or -15.839603, -72.653778



The One Day Church & One Day School Program is one of those things that we just plain flat out stand behind!  This is a wonderful program that has begun a few years ago and now in many places in the world children are going to school in one day schools due to people sponsoring a school and on Sabbath church members are meeting in one day churches!  Please give this program some prayerful consideration.  To watch a one minute video about it click here or go directly here to WATCH.


VIA One Day Church Program which the church is giving matching funds to build and thus a person or company would be considered a "Co-Sponsor" of a church:


General Donation toward Major Building to provide one brick wall of the structure in Africa - Donated April 2008


Oldorko Seventh-day Adventist Church in Tanzania, Africa - Donated in July, 2009 (Photo Below)

Located at 02 41' 43"S and 036 39' 18"E

When this church shows up on Google Earth it will be easy to spot because it will have a blue roof.


This photos shows the truck unloading a the "One Day Church".  The Oldorko SDA Church shows Longido Mountain in the background.

This photos shows the completed structure and the local people finish the sides with local materials.  This is a permanent structure that will hold over approximately 140 people.


Mutange Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mozambique - Donated in July, 2010

Located at 17 15.493'S and 37 23.385'E


Border Seventh-day Adventist Church near Chomwedzi, Zimbabwe Built in March 2013



Geraldo Brasil Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil built in October 2014

S12 53.048' W038 23.923'





One Way You Can Help Us Build a Church!


Aerial Photo Lab in combination with PopcornStudios.net has made several STOCK enlargements available for donations to a one day church.  The entire amount for the enlargement less actual paypal transaction & actual shipping fees.  Our lab nor PopcornStudios.net will be retaining funds from production of these enlargements and the amount will be utilized for Aerial Photo Lab's next "ONE DAY CHURCH" donation.  We are hoping that we can provide more than one church per year with your help.  Below you will find a few images that are available to you.  The shipping will be by USPS mail in the US.  The minimum shipping will be $2.00 which will likely cover a few enlargements.  In the event that you would like a large amount of them please feel free to contact MKJ@AerialPhotoLab.com for a final total.




Minimum Donation

Shipping Fee










16"x20" **


$12.00 *sent rolled in tube

20"x24" **


$15.00 *sent rolled in tube

** some images are not able to be enlarged to the 16x20 or 20x24 size providing a clear image