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Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. currently owns 9 - Kodak Versamat processors, 1 - 20" wide C-41 (ASP-70) processor, and 5 - 12" wide E6 (ASP-44) processors for added security in processing your aerial investment.  In short, if you keep flying it we'll keep processing it!  Currently nearly all film is in and out the same day.  Often we can also get the printing done the same day as well.


Current Processing Price List


B&W Films

Negative Films

Transparency Films

Film Size


Color Negative

IR Negative

**IR Positive


E-6 Films

**2427 Positive

For rolls from 11" to 20" wide  

Call for $

Call for $
















70 mm

Long Roll







up to 35 mm

Long Roll







Minimum Charge


$50.00 $50.00




Exposure Test $30.00 $30.00 $30.00




Other Services


Sensi Wedge


*For better turnaround times on the AP-44/E-6 processing please ship for morning delivery and notify us the day prior to arrival.

***Additional discount can be provided for multiple long rolls on 70mm to 16mm rolls





Our lab has also been involved with several high speed films that are used as movie films.

revised 1/20/2014


We have put together a comparison page for IR Film processing that will be of interest to the professional market as well.  If you wish to review this information see here.


Currently over 98% of our film processing is completed and shipped out to clients the same day it is received.  Our normal turnaround time for processing is 24 hours. 


Agfa and Kodak are two major manufacturers of aerial film and aerial photo lab supplies.   Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. now utilizes primarily Agfa processing supplies due to a notable trend of preference for various Agfa films by our clientele.  Agfa supplies meet the demand for our Transparency film processing (ASP44 – E6) in particular.   Agfa supplies products to our lab which Kodak has eliminated from the Kodak product line.  As a result, with Agfa, Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. continues to provide the same superior imagery and service that our clients have always enjoyed! 


Quick Film Comparison Published Data (to open manufacture data see below)


Resolving Power

  TOC 1.6:1 TOC 1000:1 RMS Granularity Film Speed
Chrome Films        
AgfaChrome 200 (E6/ASP44 Process) 50 110 12 200
Kodak 2427 (AR5 Process ONLY) 80 100 13 32

Kodak Color Infrared 1443  (specs from AR5 numbers)

we have found "negative process" to be higher resolution

From tests we ran I can not suggest the 35mm to be run E6!

63 100 23


Most use


Color Negative Films        
Agfa X100 80 150 6 100
Agfa X400 55 130 7 400
Agfa N800 40 110 9 800
Kodak 2444 80 125 15 125
Kodak 2460 Data Not Provided Data Not Provided 8.5 - 15.5 125
Kodak Color Infrared 1443 (Negative Processing)      


Most use


B&W Films        
Agfa Pan 20 250 800 8 20
Agfa Pan 80 101 287 9 80
Agfa Pan 200 51 181 18 200
Agfa Pan 400 40.3 161 25 400
Kodak 2402 55 130 20 200
Kodak 2405 50 125 26 400
Kodak 2412/3412 125 400 to 500 9 40
Direct Duplication Films        
Color Material        
AgfaChrome 200 (E6/ASP70 Process) 50 110 12 200
Kodak 2427 (AR5 Process) 80 100 13 32
B&W Material        
Agfa PD1p & PD3p 181 326 ~12  
Kodak 2422 200 500 6  

higher the number the better

higher the number the better LOWER the number the better  





for film purchases please contact the following:

Agfa: Richard Breitlow Agfa Specialty Products Sales Rep

Kodak COLOR 2460 Film at B&H Photo


For your B&W investment we are using the Kodak Versamat 1140 with Kodak 885 chemistry.  We also have the option of placing several more on line if the need arises.  Some typical B&W Aerial Films used in aerial photography are:


Agfa Aviphot Pan 20

Agfa Aviphot Pan 80

Agfa Aviphot Pan 200
Agfa Aviphot Pan 400

Maco / Rollei B&W 400 Infrared Film - We are working to return B&W IR film to the aerial & professional market. This film can be nearly all sizes.

Kodak Plus-X 2402

Kodak Tri-X 2403 - A very low light high speed film

Kodak Double-X 2405

Kodak MX 2407

Kodak Pan-X 2412

Kodak Aerographic Infrared 2424 - Kodak DISCONTINUED

Kodak Aerocon Plus-X 3404

Kodak Aerecon 3409

Kodak Aerecon Pan-X 3412

Kodak Aerecon Tri-X SO-050


For your Color Negative Aerial investment, we are utilizing a Kodak Versamat with a Kodak approved combination of C-41 and Aerial Chemistry to obtain the best archival quality possible.  We also have the ability to add as many as 5 additional C-41 processors to our production line.  Aerial Photo Lab processes the following Color Negative films and more:


Agfa Aviphot Color X100 - also stocked in 5" & 70mm perf
Agfa Aviphot Color X400 - also stocked in 5" & 70mm perf
Agfa Aviphot Color N400 - also stocked in 5" & 70mm perf
Agfa Aviphot Color N800

Kodak 1443 False Color Infrared Negative (also AN-6)

Kodak Aerocolor III 2444 Color Negative 4:20 “Standard” (also AN-6)

Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460 Color Negative 4:20 “Standard”

Kodak SO-734 False Color Infrared Negative

Kodak Aerocolor HS SO-846 Color Negative


For your higher film speed Color POSITIVE investment we utilize ASP-44 (E6) processors in our lab.  We have the ability to add as many as 5 processors with the ability to process as many as 6 rolls at the same time if the production need arises.  Due to much slower processing speeds the normal same day turn around on the aerial films will not always be available for these films.  We are Agfa Certified for processing of the Chrome films.  The ASP-44 and E-6 films include:


ASP-44 and E-6 Chrome Films

Agfa Aviphot Chrome 200

Kodak SO-359

All other E-6 Films up to 12" including movie and professional films



With recent developments at Kodak we will no longer offer the AR5 process in our lab unless it is for a large quantity under a contract.  We own a Kodak  Versamat that we can have on line fairly quickly for the AR5 process.  Should this need ever be decided to be utilized in the future we have one processor capable of approximately 5.5 FPM that can be utilized.  Positive films that are processed using AR5 chemicals are:


AR-5 Process

Kodak 1443 False Color Infrared Positive

Kodak 2427 Natural Color Transparency or see SO-359 & AgfaChrome films

Kodak 2448 Natural Color Transparency see 2427 or see SO-359 & AgfaChrome films

Kodak SO-734 False Color Infrared Positive see 1443


We are continually working with film manufacturers on film development and improvement. We are also working very closely with Agfa in trying to bring some of the film formats that are being (and have been) dropped by Kodak over the last several years. If you are looking for specific films please let us know and we will help you.



We have received several rolls of film to be processed (or to be printed) that arrived without being taped on the outside wrap.  The lack of tape on the outside wrap of film allows the film to become loose and move around inside the can.  This movement against the side of the can and the spool can cause damage.  There are times a spool is received bent inside the can and if the film is loose there can be damage and if the spool is bent in shipping the damage can be severe.  We have received film that has gotten torn and kinked in shipping with no damage to the box or can. 


Michael Kevin Johnson