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Prints & Diapositives:

Imagine B&W and Color Diapositives with a fast turnaround and documented extremely low parallax. After 20 years in the business and some “trade secrets” that we have implemented on our printers, we have found that our diapositives have virtually no parallax.

We know how critical mapping accuracy standards are and your mapping requires the best diapositives in order to meet that criteria. With diapositives and plotters errors are measured in microns.  The greater the distortion the more problems you will have with your final products.  In order to deliver your products correct the first time you need to know the diapositives are as good as they can be.

For a visual of how small a micron is see below.

We are using a total of 5 Log-E printers in our lab. We have multiple Color, B&W and C-41 tubes in order to produce your mapping products.


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Michael Kevin Johnson