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From Color & B&W Negatives



Minimum Charge $50.00    
10" x 10" Contact Prints  B&W Each Color Each  Color Trans
Color Balance / ^roll or day N/A $35.00 See Scanning
1 to 10 $5.25 $6.45 and Digital
11 to 50 $5.00 $6.20 Contact Prints
51 to 100 $4.50 $6.10  
101 to 500 $4.25 $5.85  
501 to 1500 $4.00 $5.60  
1501 & Up $3.75 $5.10  


Digital Contact Prints

6"x9" Each

6.5" x 9.5" Each

(0.25" white boarder)


1st Print $5.13 $5.87  
up to 200 $3.51 $4.01  
up to 1000 $2.97 $3.40 Over 1000 Call
10" x 10" Diapositives B&W Each

Color Each

*** Best Material 

Color Balance / ^roll or day N/A $35.00 N/A
1 to 10 $11.00 $15.50 Call  
11 to 50 $10.75 $14.50 Call  
51 to 100 $10.50 $14.00 Call  
101 to 500 $10.00 $13.75 Call  
501 to 1500 $9.75 $13.25 Call  
1501 & Up (call for 3500+) $9.00 $13.00 Call  
**Roll Contacts B&W Each Color Each  B&W PAN*
Minimum 200' Roll Per Frame    
Sent in Roll CALL CALL  
Sent 10" trim CALL CALL  
Additional Services      
4 Side Trim $0.40 each     
Film Title



Set up


Per frame

$.85/per frame    
Hand Time $60.00/hr    

updated 2-1-2015

^ The color balance is ONLY charged when the color is changed.  There are times that there may be 2 color balance on the same days flights due to large altitude differences.  For example if a project is flown at 2000 feet AGL and at 15000 feet AGL the color balance will be different. 

* B&W Pan is ONLY recommended for B&W Diapositives from Color Film.  The primary area of concern is the fiducials which on many cameras provide a light color that is not easily seen by the orthochromatic films.  Many times a "Pan" diapositive is not needed.

The above price list is for use from your negatives.  Do not use this price list for coverage that was obtained as speculation photography. 

If you desire us to store your film please provide information regarding your project for our database to be able to call your film up in the future.

**Roll Contacts:  This is strongly suggest with Helicopter projects and "working sets".  The prints are not burned and dodged.  The per frame fee includes ALL frames on the roll.

*** After extensive testing we have found that a true film material is providing the best results to create color diapositives from color and infrared negative films.  As a result we have increased the cost of this item to take some of the material cost increase.  We still are providing a cost lower then others while using the best material - This price will start in mid February or the beginning of March 2008.  To see more on this improvement CLICK HERE.

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