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Turtle Cam

Many of our local clients love to stop in and check out or office turtle tank.  Originally it was a 10 gallon tank with a few small turtles.  As they grew the tank went to a 20 gallon tank and recently the tank was increased to it's final stage of a 75 gallon tank.  We added a couple web cams that can be viewed below.  We also in the near future will be adding a couple cameras on the roof for weather views.

Live video for mobile from Ustream

Looking from Left to Right of Tank (Infrared at Night)

Looking from Right to Left Side of Tank

These are the names of the turtles (given by our girls) from smallest to largest.  Individual photos to follow.
Florida Yellow Belly - Male is "No Name Name"
Red Eared Slider - Male is "Marsh"
Red Eared Slider - Female is "Flat Eye"
Florida Yellow Belly - Female is "Marshmallow"