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Why do we need Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. when digital imagery is so popular now?


Well in fact that is a question that has been debated on and off for a while now.  We have been in this field for over 20 years now and we feel that the future of labs still has a long life.  In short aerial negatives are 9"x9" and the film resolution is extremely high for many films the equivalent of 3 to 4 microns.  In order to even remotely duplicate the quality of original film cameras you would need to be able to take an image that is 2.5 gigs for B&W and 7.7 gigs for Color.  Sounds like we may be close to that?  Add into that dilemma that on a low altitude project you may need to take a photo every 1.7 seconds!  Personally we have found that your best products come from a combination of traditional and digital products.  In fact the digital output devices that are used for high quality enlargements are printed on photographic paper that require the processors that we utilize.  With our lab we can provide the needs of each companies project.


For example one roll of aerial film (shown below) will hold an amazing amount of data.  See chart below:


7.5" x 10" format size is 9"x9"

~3.5" x 5.5" x 3/4"


Total units required to store the same data.

Final Resolution


585 frames


468 frames


200 G HD


4.7 G DVD


200 G HD


4.7G DVD

4 Microns (6350dpi) 2,340 Gigs 5,660 Gigs 10.4 498 28.3 1205
5 Microns (5080dpi) 1,463 Gigs 3,622 Gigs 7.3 312 18.l 770
10 Microns (2540dpi)  380 Gigs 908 Gigs 1.9 81 4.5 194
12 Microns (2116dpi) 263 Gigs 608 Gigs  1.3 56 3.1 130


One very interesting side note is that we were asked for a cost for cans only in order for a digital customer to store their CD's in them for ease of storage.


How long has Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. been around?


Our history begins with Southern Resource Mapping Corporation (SRMC).  After SRMC was bought by Photogrammetric Data Services (PDS) the name was Southern Resource Mapping until a change to PDS was finalized.  Several years later PDS was purchased by 3Di.  Finally in 2002 Aerial Photo Lab was "developed" in it's own location in Daytona Beach, Florida and in 2003 Debra & Kevin Johnson purchased the lab.  So in short we are not "new to the business".


Is Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. associated with any other company?


Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. is a company owned by Debra E. Johnson with M. Kevin Johnson also holding ownership.  We have several customers that we have worked with for many years but we have no financial or ownership ties to any other mapping or photographic company.  Kevin & Debra Johnson do also own Discover Orchids, Inc. in equal shares.



How long has Michael Kevin Johnson been doing work in the Aerial Photography Lab field?


Mr. Johnson started processing original aerial film in 1983 when he was employed by Photo Science, Inc (PSI) in Maryland.  When he moved to Florida he spent many years working for Aerial Cartographics of America (ACA) before working for SRMC in 1992.  Feel free to look at our employee page and review resumes.


How long has Debra E. Johnson been doing work in the Aerial Photography Lab field?


Mrs. Johnson brings her educational background to Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. which helps in our every day operation.  She has assisted in lab work on occasion when she was not teaching.  Now as taking the roll of President of Aerial Photo Lab, Inc. the beginning of 2003 she also provides contract and client support, policy reviews, customer account support and much more.  Her teaching years were from 1989 to 2000.  Feel free to look at our employee page and review resumes.


I have heard others claim they are the only company that processes aerial film in the SE?


We are using four Kodak Versamat processors that were installed in our Daytona Beach location.  The B&W Versamat was installed in 1998 and the Color Versamat was installed in late 1999.  Beginning in the 1970's until 1998 original aerial film was processed by hand and then dried on a long roll film dryer.   In December of 2003 we are adding the processor for providing AR-5 Process as well.