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Katrina 2005


The third strongest storm to ever hit the US, hit this year.  This has become the largest natural disaster to hit the US.  It will be west of us but we are placing the info here for folks to stay updated.  Live info can be found on www.WDSU.com.  Tremendous flooding and destruction was left behind from a 20 to 40 foot storm surge that was brought along with the center of this storm.


How can you help?  Try the following two areas.  The Adventist Community Services and ADRA have been helping provide people needs and are often found in areas that others have not been able to reach.  Additional information about either can be found at your local Seventh-day Adventist Church.  If you are outside the US you can find a church VIA the World Church Website.


To Download a Street Atlas File for your computer click here.


First here is an image put up by SFWMD that shows the most current proposed tracks:



A view from www.NOAA.gov

To see the current satellite images use the links below:


IR one can be seen at night but this may take a few minutes to open on dial up.

IR Satellite

Visual LOOP when over FL

Latest Visual over FL

Visual of the Tropics



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