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Below is a plant list of all of our orchids (not all are actually available).  For a list of what is available and ready to ship right now click here!


All of the links below will take you to an image of the plant or flower.  If you are interested in any of the plants below send us an e-mail.  We will see if they can be divided and give you a price for the division or upon request add you to a waiting list.  Often they can be divided but very often the plants are not large enough to divide and we will be happy to add you to our waiting list upon request.  Most of the plants below are the ONLY one we have and therefore the image you will see is most likely from the plant that your division would be taken.  Along with your request let us know what state you live in so that we can determine the approximate shipping charges on your final selections. 


There are two links at the bottom of the page that you may wish to visit as well.  These are a couple places that we recommend.  There are a few more links you can find on our "LINKS" page.  For more specific Orchid info also look on the bottom of the page and you will find a few useful links.  We are a small grower and most of our plants shown are the only ones we have.  We divide as able to fill orders.  If we can not fill your order right away we will contact other growers to place you in contact with them directly if they have your plant.  We do not "collect" for doing this we feel it is best to get the plant that you want in your greenhouse at an affordable cost rather then purchasing a plant to sell to you.  If you are interested in a hybrid made from them and do not have a plant let us know, perhaps we would be able to ship a flower for the pollen to be used in exchange for some seed or seedlings. 


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Discover Orchids



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Our Discover Orchids BREADING STOCK List as of 3-03-2007. 

All of the plants below are our personal stock plants - Many are not able to be divided. 


To see the list below in a form with a thumb nail image (from the beginning of 2005) of each flower click here.  We suggest you use a fast connection or be patient!  There are over 300 images on the page.



Aeridies quinquevulnerum
Angreacum Longiscott 'Lea' AM/AOS

Angreacum sesquipedale
Arundina graminifolia (Hawiian Bamboo Orchid)
Ascocenda Bicentennial 'Carmela' AM/AOS
Ascocenda Chomkoa 'Spotted Cat' X V Fuchs Sunrise 'Robert' HCC/AOS
Ascocenda Fuchs 'Port Royal' x Ascda Wilas

Ascocenda Mary's Lemon Drop x V denisoniana 'Mary Motes' FCC
Ascocenda Meda Arnold x Asdca Anant Gold

Ascocenda (Ascda Phairat X V. Lilacian) X Ascda. Peggy Foo

Ascocenda Prapawan Gold x Guo Chia Long
Ascocenda Reenachai '4n' X (V Faye Bennett x V Bangyihun)
Ascocenda Tammy Wakasugi
Ascocenda Truman Motes X V denisoniana
Ascocenda Udomchai 'Bart Motes' AM/AOS

Ascocenda [Ascda Udomchai x V Kultana x Ascda Suksamrhn Spots x Ascda Madame Keny x V denisonia x Ascda Jiraprapa]
Ascocenda Motes Goldpiece '2' HCC/AOS x V denisoniana 'Mary Motes' FCC/AOS
Ascocenda Unknown Purple (Tag was V. Mellow Days)

Ascocentrum ampullaceum AM/RHT

Ascocentrum curvifolium



Beallara Marfitch 'Howard's Dream' AM/AOS

Bletia purpurea

Bletilla striata (White)
Bletilla striata (Pink)

Brassocattleya Daffodil
Brassocattleya Deesse 'Charles'
Brassocattleya Maikai 'Mayumi' HCC/AOS
Brassocattleya Mount Anderson 'Orlando'
Brassocattleya Pink DeButante

Brassolaelia Richard Mueller - Received in a frozen order should make it in time.
Brassolaelia Richard Mueller X Lc Jungle Elf

Brassolaeliocattleya (Blc's)

Blc 555 Pink with Frilly Lip
Blc Campobello 'Mendenhall'
Blc Chyong Guu Chaffinch 'Ta-Hsin'
Blc Dream Trader 'RJH'
Blc Edisto 'Mendenhall'
Blc Gift Orange Lace
Blc Hawaiian Princess 'Jewel Box'

Blc Hawaiian Rhapsody x (Lc Shellie Compton 'Touch of Class' x Bc Pastoral
Blc Horizon Light
Blc Hunting Island 'Hawaii'
Blc Irish Fantasy

Blc Joyce Carmon
Blc Keowee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS
Blc Magic Meadows 'Napolean'

Blc Mahina Yahlro 'Mishima'
Blc Meditation 'Kings Ransom'
Blc Mem. Crispin Rosales 'Victory'

Blc Mount Zion Tag indicates HCC but no varietal name on tag

Blc Murrills Inlet
Blc Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS

Blc Oconee 'Mendenhall' x [Lc SJ Bracey x Blc Younges Island]

Blc Orange Nugget 'Kadoaka' x Potinara Free Spirit 'Lea'
Blc Owen Holmes 'Cloud Forest' AM/AOS X C aclandiae
Blc Ports of Paradise
Blc Pursuit 'Hio'
Blc Robin Henry
Blc Ronald Hausermann 'Adrian'

Blc (Toshie Aokie x Wendy's Valentine) 'Red Beauty'

Blc Toshie Aokie 'Pokai' x Lc Mary Ellen Carter 'Dixie Hummingbird'
Blc Thorntonii

Brassavola Little Stars
Brassavola nodosa
Brassia Joyce Nakata

Brassia longissima x ochraleuca
Brassia maculata
Brassia Memoria Fritz Boedeker 'Newberry'

Brassia Rex 'Christine' CCM/HOS
Brassia Rex 'Sakata' AM/AOS
Brassidium Longlen 'Orchid Man' AM/AOS

Bulbophyllum lepidum

Bulbophyllum lobbii
Bulbophyllum makayonumi

Bulbophyllum medusa


Calopogon  pallidus

Calopogon tuberosus

Cattleya (C Long Lasting White x C Athena Chagaris 'Mendenhall') X C Lucille Small Marshall
Cattleya Angle Bells 'Suzie' AM/AOS

Cattleya bicolor
Cattleya Bow Bells

Cattleya bowringiana v. coerulea (still only compots only)
Cattleya Cherry Chip

Cattleya Chocolate Drop x Potinara Tropical Orange
Cattleya Chongkolnee
Cattleya Easter Halo 'Wright' X Lc Mem. Massie Hood 'Summit' AM/AOS

Cattleya Fort Motte 'Jaguar' X (C Penny Kuroda x Lc Spotted Lady)
Cattleya Kathleen Clarke 'Carmela'
Cattleya Mary Lynn McKenzie 'Nature's Masterpiece' AM/AOS
Cattleya percivaliana 'Splendens' x C percivaliana 'Summit'
Cattleya Porcia

Cattleya Portia 'Coerulea' HCC/AOS
Cattleya Tabisay

Cattleya trianaei
Cattleya Unknown Cross 550 Yellow with a yellow and magenta lip.
Cattleya War Paint

Cattleya War Paint x Brassocattleya Golden Valley

Chiloschista lunifera (Leafless Orchid)

Chiloschista pussila (Leafless Orchid)
Cirrhopetalum auratum

Cirrhopetalum lepidum

Cirrhopetalum picturatum

Cirrhopetalum putidum
Cirrhopetalum vaginatum

Cirrhopetalum wendlandianum

Cleistes Divaricata
Cochleanthes coadida

Colmanara Wildcat 'Bobcat'
Coryanthes mastereiana
Ctna Why Not
Ctna Why Not X Schom thomsoniana see
"Schombocatonia Garnet Glory"
Cymbidium aloifolium

Cymbidium Gyoki
Cymbidium Mistque Pumilum x Cerise FJ Hanbury
Cymbidium Mistque x KJ Hanbury
Cymbidium Sumatra

Cymbidium (Unknown)

Cyripedium calceolus

Cyrtopodium punctatum


Dendrobium adastra

Dendrobium aggregatum
Dendrobium amethystoglosa
Dendrobium anceps

Dendrobium antennatum
Dendrobium Andrea Millar

Dendrobium anosum var alba

Dendrobium Big Surprise
Dendrobium China Donna
Dendrobium Classic Gem 'Bashful Blush'
Dendrobium Comet King 'Yamato'
Dendrobium D'Albertisii X Den Little Profusion
Dendrobium Diamond Queen
Dendrobium Emma White
Dendrobium Hawaiian Wine
Dendrobium Himezakura 'Sanokku'
Dendrobium Jaq-Hawaii

Dendrobium Joan Kushima
Dendrobium Kara Kuewa
Dendrobium Kuranda Classic
Dendrobium Lime Frost x bellatula
Dendrobium loddigesii
Dendrobium Miss Thailand

Dendrobium moniliforme - General Info
Dendrobium moniliforme 'Benisuzume'

Dendrobium moniliforme 'Ginnryuu'

Dendrobium moniliforme 'Kinagashi'

Dendrobium moniliforme 'Kinchou'
Dendrobium moniliforme 'Koganemaru'
Dendrobium moniliforme 'Mizuhara'
Dendrobium moniliforme 'Sumingagashi'
Dendrobium moniliforme 'Syoudai'
Dendrobium moniliforme 'Tennkoumaru'
Dendrobium New Sonia #28
Dendrobium Nora Tokunasa
Dendrobium Pink Sunrise
Dendrobium Prathoom Red
Dendrobium Singapore White 'Vivian'
Dendrobium Sonia #8
Dendrobium superbum note see anosum var alba
Dendrobium Ted Dichuphum X Snowfire

Dendrobium Victoria-reginae
Dendrobium White Rabbit x Den Ise
Degarmoara Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy'

Dockrillia wasselii

Doritaenopsis Black Butterfly 'Orchis-01'

Doritaenopsis Minho Valentine X Phalaenopsis Carmela's Pixie
Doritaenopsis Marion Stewert X Courtney Bowers


Encyclia alata (Epi alatum)

Encyclia cochleatum (FL Native)

Encyclia dichroma x Encyclia phoenecia

Encyclia Gail Nakagaki (1955) syn Butch Luce (1983)

Encyclia osmantha

Encyclia parviflora (was bractescens v. parviflora)
Encyclia plicata alba 'Cherokee' CBM/AOS

Encyclia replicata
Encyclia tampensis (FL Native)

Encyclia tampensis var. Alba 'Mendenhall'

Encyclia vespa var 'mineira'
Epicatleya EL Hatillo 'Nina'

Epicattleya EL Hatillo 'Nina' x Encyclia Gail Nakagaki

Epidendrum ellipticum

Epidendrum magnoliae (correct name for conopseum) FL Native
Epidendrum Orange Blaze
Epidendrum porpax
Epidendrum radicans (pink)
Epidendrum radicans (Lavender)
Epidendrum radicans (Orange)
Epidendrum radicans (Red)

Epicattleya Mem. Young C Lott
Epilaelioccattleya Don Herman 'Freckles'
Eria javanica

Eulophia alta (FL Native)

Goodyera pubescens (NC Native) EATEN BY THE SQUIRRELS!

Habenaria opdontopetala (FL Native)

Habenaria repens (FL Native)

Hamelwellsara June 'Indigo Sue'

Haraella retrocalla (odorata) - Received in a frozen order most likely a gonner

Harrisella porrecta (leafless FL Native)



Ionopsis utricularioides (FL Native)

Laelia crisilabia

Lealia lucasiana

Laelia lucasiana var ostermeyerii

Lealia milleri

Lealia purpurata

Lealia rubescens 'Alba' x Lealia anceps 'Oxaquena'

Lealiocattleya Flirtie x C Chocolate Drop 'Kodama'

Lealiocattleya Frank Wilson

Lealiocattleya Gaiety Flambeau 'Mendenhall' x L purpurata
Lealiocattleya Hawaiian Fantasy 'Dora' HCC/AOS
Lealiocattleya Impish Grin X Epi atropurpureum

Lealiocattleya Irene Finney 'York'

Lealiocattleya Irene Finney 'York' x C walkeriana 'Alba'
Lealiocattleya Jungle Elf 4N X L Briegeri 'H&R'
Lealiocattleya Katheryn Leahey 'Orchidglade' AM/AOS
Lealiocattleya Love Fantasy 'H&R'
Lealiocattleya Memoria Lieutnant Bracey
Lealiocattleya Nippon 'Livinza' BM/JOGA

Lealiocattleya Red Empress 'Lake View' x Blc Memoria Crispin Rosales
Lealiocattleya Stephen Oliver Fouraker 'Elmhurst' HCC/AOS
Lealiocattleya Strand of Gold

Lealiocattleya Unknown White Possible Laelia anceps-ALBA
Ludisia discolor (a type of jewel)
Lycaste aromatica

Malaxis latafolia
Maxillaria tenuifolia

Miltassia Dennis Kleinbach 'Crowhurst' AM/AOS
Miltassia Sadie Loo x Oncidium leugochilum
Miltonia Ann Warne 'Alli' AM/AOS

Miltonia Leucoglossa
Miltonia Spectablis Moreliana 'Royalty' AM/AOS

Miltonia Takatseu

Miltonidium Pupukea Sunset
Miltonidium Pupukea Sunset 'Bumble Bee' (lost due to falling out of watering area image left for comparison)
Miltonidium Pupukea Sunset 'Super Nova'
Mokara Boonchoo

Myrmecophila tibicinis

Neostylis Lou Sneary

Oeceoclades maculata

Oncidium Aloha Iwanaga
Oncidium Grower Ramsey Dancing Lady
Oncidium Grower Ramsey x Onc flexuosum
Oncidium Maliwan
Oncidium Maui Gold 'Waldor' AM/AOS
Oncidium Memoria Ralph Yagi 'Heritage'
Oncidium Mendenhall 'Hildos' (Butterfly Type) See Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos'

Oncidium microchilum

Oncidium papilio 'T-Bird' x Onc papilo '3093' (Butterfly Type) See Psychopsis
Oncidium Passionata Red 'Galaxy'

Oncidium Popki 'Mitzi' AM/AOS Also HCC & CCM note: this plant has passed.......

Oncidium Sharry Baby
Oncidium sphacelatum
Oncidium Sweet Sugar 'Emperor'

Onc. Tom Wilson 'Velvet Ruby' HCC/AOS - Received in a frozen order most likely a gonner!
Orchis coriophora fragans (flask did not make it)

Paphiopedilum Albion 'Uncle Ben'

Paphiopedilum callosum
Paphiopedilum Candy Apple x Maudiae 'Maroon Star'

Paphiopedilum Frost Light 'Spanish King' HCC/AOS
Paphiopedilum Goultenianum x Paph Oriental Enchantment

Paphiopedilum Ledouxiae 'The Sultan' HCC/AOS
Paphiopedilum Maudiae
Paphiopedilum Maudiae x Paph Kevin's Wine
Paphiopedilum Masupi x Paph Hainenense
Paphiopedilum Millmanii Callosum X philippinense

Paphiopedilum (Olenus x Maudiae) X Paph Fairieanum
Paphiopedilum Pinocchio
Paphiopedilum Pittsburg x Revel Stokes Greensdeue

Paphiopedilum Species Unknown #0277
Paraphol Ponce es Ponce X Ascda. Motes Kaliuori
Pelatantheria insectifera

Phaiocalanthe Kryptonite
Phaius tankervilleae (Nuns Orchid)
Phalaenopsis (amabilis x (Cindy Flora x Modern Stripes))
Phalaenopsis Big Pen X Phal [(Guildford Rose x Phal Lyric Serenade) x Phal Dawiltreader]
Phalaenopsis Buna Cenise Sprars X Lung. Chin Rae

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi
Phalaenopsis Ember x Dtps Autumn Sun 'Hawaii'

Phalaenopsis (Eva Lou x Helen Farlow) x Dtps Youthful Cich
Phalaenopsis Fireberry 'Spicy' x Phal Goldberry 'Carmela'

Phalaenopsis intermedia var 'diezii'

Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana var. pulchra
Phalaenopsis Memory Spring X Winter Kaala

Phalaenopsis Naples Nights

Phalaenopsis pallens
Phalaenopsis Orchid World 'Joe' AM/AOS
Phalaenopsis Ruey Lih Stripe x [Phal Jazzy 'EFG Orchids' HCC/AOS]
Phalaenopsis Taisuco
Phalaenopsis Taisuco 'Kochdian' x Phal Musashino

Phalaenopsis (Temptation x Rouserole) x Phal Double Delight
Phalaenopsis Unknown #1000 White with Red Lip

Phalaenopsis Unknown #1001 White w/amabilis

Phalaenopsis Unknown #1002 Dark Pink
Phalaenopsis Unknown #1003 Soft Pink

Phalaenopsis venosa

Pholidota imbracata

Platanthera nivea

Pleurothallis teres
Pleurothallis tridentata

Pogonia ophioglossoides

Ponthevia racemosa

Potinara Beaufort Gold

Potinara Harlequin Peak 'Orange Princess' x (BLC Manda Valley x BLC Waikiki Gold)
Potinara Hisako Akasuka Volcano Queen HCC/AOS

Potinara Hoku Gem

Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' (formerly Ondicium)

Psychopsis papilio 'T-Bird' x papilo '3093'


Rhynchostylis gigantea

Sacoila lanceolata (FL Native)

Sacoila lanceolata paludicola

Schombocatonia Garnet Glory

Schomburgkia tibicinis see Myrmecophila tibicinis

Schomburgkia undulata
Shannon Bepi Plipdsa x Enc Adenocaule

SLC Orglade's Spot Light 'Kerrich'

Spathoglottis parsonii
Spathoglottis plicata

Spathoglottis plicata alba

Spiranthes odorata (FL Native)
Spiranthes preacox

Spiranthes sylvatica NOW NAMED SPECIES (FL Native)

Spiranthes vernalis (FL Native)

Stanhopea embreei 'Jenny' x Self

Stanhopea saccata 'CC9444' x Self

Stanhopea tigrinia
Stauropsis fasciata




Teaniophyllum obtusum (Indonesia Ghost Orchid)

Vanda Annette Jones X V. Vivan
Vanda Arjuna 'Illumined' AM/AOS X V tricolor
Vanda Charles Goodfellow X Ascda. Phairot

Vanda Evelyn Ritter x Evelyn Ritter

Vanda Josephine van Brero x Ascda Udom Gold
Vanda Kasem's Delight X V. Bangkok Sunrise

Vanda lamellata v. buralli
Mevrouw L. Velthus 'Orchidglade's Snowcap' AM/AOS

Vanda Minnie Bowman
Vanda Miss Joaquim
Vanda Nellie Morley
Vanda Pranerm Cloud

Vanda Red Ball X Ascda Hinomaru
Vanda Sansai Blue
Vanda tessellata X V Ascda. Guo Chia Long

Vanda Trimerrill
Vanda Udom Gold x V Thaniland Gold.

Vanilla africana

Vanilla barbellata (leafless)

Vanilla dilloniana (leafless)

Vanilla fragrans
Vanilla imperialis

Vanilla phaeantha

Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla pompona

Vanilla Verigated Leaf
Vascosylis Tham Yuen Hae x Ascda Meda Arnold



Zeuxine strateumatica (FL Native)

Zygopetalum brachypetalum

Zygopetalum triste 'Deni' x Self











WILD ORCHIDS (not necessarily ones we have in stock)

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