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If you would like to obtain a division of this plant or any other on our web pages please send a list by e-mail and we will get back to you with the cost.

Mokara Boonchoo

A grower friend began to pull these plants off the shelf and through them away.  He grabbed a large one and said these things are worthless see what you can do with it!  He had to separate every leaf in order to keep the plant growing "correctly".  Here is what we found....


1. I wish we took the rest!

2. we found that growing a little dryer then the greenhouse they came from has actually had the reverse effect on this plant then other Vanda's.  The leafs on all of the new growth have been flat rather then staying together.

3. It flowers very nicely!


This is a large plant and after it is done blooming we plant on "topping it" so we should have kiekies available in a year or so.  In the interim let us know if you want tem and I will see if he left a few in the greenhouse.