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Awards and Ribbons:

11-13-2000 CFOS Best Cattleya Alliance Species
11-15-2000 VCOS Best Other Cattleya

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Additional History of this Species

An interesting bit of history on this plant.  This native Florida plant was named two different names in 1813.  Once in October as magnoliae and then again as conopseum in 1813.  This point was brought to light in Paul Martin Brown's book Wild Orchids of Florida published in 2002.  I know for me personally it will take a while to "learn" the correct name.  After all we have been reffering this species as conopseum for nearly 200 years!

Epidendrum magnoliae (10-1813)

was referred to as

Epi conopseum (11-1813)

This is a wild Florida Orchid that smell like honey and you can smell it in the house from the greenhouse.  A wild plant photo is to the left.  See additional interesting History below.