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Bletilla striata

(White above and normal pink/lavender below)

most of these are pink to dark pink but we happened to have one that was a gorgeous white.  You will find these with the "spring bulbs" at hardware stores and Wal-Mart.  They are normally purchased as "tubular" or bulbs so they will not be growing plants.  They are packed in a bulb mixture and are sold via Sunbulb.  They can take temps to 20 F and are known as a "Hardy Orchid" similar to the native ones that grow farther north then us.  If you keep them in a bed of much the temps can go lower then the 20 mark.  Night watering is no problem with these.  Just plant and enjoy!  Remember much of the year you will have an empty pot.....  If you do not want an empty pot them plant outside in a bright shaded location.