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Awards and Ribbons:

6-14-1999 CFOS Best Phalaenopsis
7-12-1999 CFOS Best Phalaenopsis
7-21-1999 VCOS Best Phalaenopsis
11-8-1999 CFOS Best Phalaenopsis
3-21-2001 VCOS Best Phalaenopsis
4-7-2001 Central Florida AOS Show 3rd Place Class #128
If you would like to obtain a division of this plant or any other on our web pages please send a list by e-mail and we will get back to you with the cost.
Phalaenopsis Orchid World 'Joe' AM/AOS

Hybrid of Phal Malibu Imp x Phal Deventeriana

We have a few plants of this available.  This one is a true award winner.  The above was the actual awarded plant.  This was from a September 1999 blooming.