Orchid Propagation Lab
Flasking in a Clean Air Station
Canadian Cabinet HA4-97T

The CAS shown above has been installed and will begin to be utilized by us to propagate orchid seed.  You see empty flasks on the right and the mother flask in the center.  This unit replaced a Plexiglas box that I was using prior to this being installed.  We wish to give a special thanks to:

Ed of Green Thumb Flasking Services

for his donation of this unit to the

Volusia County Orchid Society

If you are interested in trading orchid seed please let me know.  We are using this unit to serve many purposes.  The main use is for the benefit of orchids and the Volusia County Orchid Society.  We are using this to flask seed for you, to increase the orchid species of the wild, and produce the native orchid species of the world that can be legally grown verses stolen from the wild only to die.

It is illegal to remove a wild orchid from an area without permission from the land owner anywhere in the world.  There are a few able to legally obtain wild orchids that have all the needed required permits and CITIES.

Our preference in flasking is to flask once with enough seed to crate a flask of orchids but yet small enough that it does not need to opened multiple times in order to continue growth.  With a unit of this nature that is not as much of a problem to reflask but out old method was a 4 sided Plexiglas box open in the front.  Sterilization is a must for orchid flasks so handle with care.

Here is a shot of me mixing a batch of media and preparing it for the CAS.  When you look at the angle keep in mind my 3 year old took the picture :).


For info about having us flask your seed or trading native seed please e-mail us at

Our old method of flasking is shown in the following image.  This was a Plexiglass box with no front and I held my breath while working on the seed.  Yes finally I bought a gas mask.

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