Dendrobium moniliforme

The plant above is Den. moniliforme 'Tennkoumaru'.  We have a few of these in our greenhouse.  We currently have 9 types.  See the flower pictures below and see how small they really are when the bloom.  Stop by and learn more about these plants.  These are species from Japan that are grown as Bonsai plants.  Below is a flower from VLD #5 one of the many that we have ready to ship! 
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The plant to the side is to show how small a miniature Dendrobium really is!
From Left to right the are
VLD#6, VLD#7 and VLD#5
Types we have:

VLD#1 Den moniliforme 'Sumingagashi'

VLD#2 Den moniliforme 'Tennkoumaru'

VLD#3 Den moniliforme 'Mizuhara'

VLD#4 Den moniliforme 'Ginnryuu'

VLD#5 Den moniliforme 'Benisuzume'

VLD#6 Den moniliforme 'Koganemaru'

VLD#7 Den moniliforme 'Kinchou'

VLD#8 Den moniliforme 'Syoudai'

VLD#9 Den moniliforme 'Kinagashi'

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