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Paphiopedilum Unknown Species #0277

It has been suggested that this plant we obtained marked only as Cyp. Species 0277.  Many have suggested it may be Paph coccinea but it is not a mini species in any way.  in reviewing lots of images in the even that it is a species it seems to match the description of Paph. villosum.  Also the names of insigne & barbigerum have popped up too.  The closest match I would say has been Paph. villosum.


We will take the next step to determine after a weekend show.  What we do know so far:

1) Leaf Span (tip to tip) of the plant is 19-20 inches

2) Spike is 10 inches tall

3) Flower is 3 1/2 inches wide (because sepal petals are curled) and 6 inches top to bottom.

4) Sepals are 1 1/2 inches wide at the ends