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Awards and Ribbons:


3-16-02 3rd Place Class #78 Jacksonville AOS Show (1 of 2)

3-16-02 3rd Place Class  #22 Jacksonville AOS Show (2 of 2)


If you would like to obtain a division of this plant or any other on our web pages please send a list by e-mail and we will get back to you with the cost.
Vanda Pranerm Cloud

Hybrid of Vanda rothschildana X Vanda Memoria Pranerm

This is a very large plant that has produced a branched spike in past bloomings.  This is not an item seen on Vandas.  We have several Kiekies of this one.  Two days after opening it looks very similar in color to Sansai Blue take a look the Sansai by clicking here!  We have several of these ready to go!  We are so glad that it now has a name!