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Vanilla fragrans


Vanilla "Bean" is actually the Vanilla "Fruit".


The Vanilla is a high light orchid and it is the only orchid that is a "VINE".  They will get large, they get about 25 feet before blooming.  The plant (vine) tends to get a drop and begin to turn back up when it is ready to bloom.  These can be cut and just stuck in the sand or mix and off they will grow.  Please be careful though, the "sap" is an irritant to the skin and will cause a rash.


The two main vanilla's used for vanilla flavoring is Vanilla planifolia or fragrans though the pompona is also used.  As you can see from the photo we have a lot available.  The normal fee is $10 a foot.  We will be giving special prices on both fragrans and pompona (or a bit longer piece for your money).  As soon as we have a photo to show for this one we will post it up.  At some point we may try to "harvest some vanilla beans" which are actually seeds.  We have found some good info and recipes on vanilla and how to use the raw "Vanilla bean" by a search on the internet.  Try the search engine on index page.


We have collected a few recipes off of the internet that are not "ours" and thus are not posting them.  In the future we will have some information as to how you can use the "vanilla bean (seeds)" in the future.